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The “who” behind Who Eats Like This?!….

Hello & welcome!

My name is Shawn Augustine.  I am a mother, wife (hubby Mark & food inspirer), Realtor® with RE/MAX Synergy & obsessed food lover.  I think about food constantly……wishing I had more time to eat, cook & learn more about food.  So, we do what we can, hoping that our children one day will be thankful for what they’ve learned while at home.  My husband, a chef by trade, has been in the kitchen since he was 15 and is a constant source of encouragement & guidance for me!  I try to teach my children the value of eating right, helping them to explore the world of food, developing new food traditions they ask for each year and encouraging them to try new things as we learn together!  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes all I want is to order a pizza or pick up a sandwich from a local shop, but we try to do the right thing whenever possible!  I wanted to start this blog, as a way to share our experiences, of the foods we’ve tried, the recipes we’ve attempted and the adventures we’ve had!  It’s also just a little piece of edible history, for my family to look back on, fondly remembering the deliciousness that was experienced.

We have a saying in our house “who eats like this?” when we enjoy something and I thought it would be the perfect title for my blog!

So enjoy, let us know what you think & I hope we will inspire you to explore the wonderful world of food!

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Cheers~ Shawn

Looking to talk to me about reviewing/sampling your product?  

Email me at:  shawnsbaskets@mac.com 

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