In the beginning……

So it happened quite unexpectedly, the whole blogging idea.  My love for food has grown over the years; not just for the actual food itself, but for the process, where its produced, grown, how to use it etc.  I have always loved collecting recipes.  I have a binder filled with them, most of which I have never tried.  But its like I have my own custom cookbook, filled with delicious things that someday, I just might make!  It was during one of those moments I happened upon a food blog.  What a great concept!  Writing about food, sharing recipes, adventures, ideas….all about food!  It was then I knew I had to participate!  I’ve taken my time, wanting to start it right, so its been a work in progress.  Bear with me as I tweak, adjust and learn the ropes! I am not sure if anyone will ever want to read it, or if it will ever offer anything “relevant” or important, as they say blogs are supposed to do.  But, I am good with that, and can’t wait to begin!  Thank you for joining me on this journey!


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