Happy New Year!

Wow. Another year is in the books……or is that “on the books”?  Either way, I can hardly believe it!  My Mom always said, “don’t wish time away, because once you’re old, you’ll be wishing it would slow down”.  I hate to say it, but she was so right.  About that anyway…..  The Holidays are tough around here; the kids are so excited, counting down the days, Dad is busy at work with Holiday Catering functions and Mom is buried deep in baskets & bows…..oh my.  Almost daily I have to hug one of my kids and tell them soon, very soon I will be able to make those cookies or play that board game, or watch that movie.  It’s bittersweet for me; I am thankful that I am busy, so that I can give the kids a great holiday.  But, I do regret not being able to be relaxed and enjoy the “reason for the season”.  Enough of all that!  It’s done, and a New Year is upon us!

I had the extreme pleasure of being invited into a group of other food-loving people like myself, called the Minnesota Food Bloggers this past year.  I don’t know what they were thinking actually, as I have done a total of what, four posts so far?  But I quickly accepted, before they could change their mind!  What an amazing decision that was indeed!  This group, has helped me grow, food & photography-wise, in just the few short months I have been a part of it.  I have watched as they have created amazing events, surrounding food.  I plan to join them, much more in 2012 and look forward to all the adventures that will bring!

My hubby and I started a restaurant “Bucket List” this past fall as well, which we plan & pledge (to each other) to attack this year!  The Twin Cities is overflowing with amazing dining choices, get out there and try them people!!!

I am writing this today, to pledge or make a resolution to you and to myself for 2012.  I pledge (or resolve, however you want to take it), to post more often.  I would like to make a goal of at least monthly, if not more often.  One way I know I can accomplish that is by my monthly beer postings!  What’s that you ask?  Well, I am excited to share that in late November, at an event, I won Beer for a Year!  Yippee!  And its just not any old beer, but a local, great beer company…….you’ll have to tune in to find out which one!  I plan to drink that beer (yes, I do that occasionally) and cook with that beer!  I can’t wait!  I’ll give you a hint of the first recipe I created with the first beer…….its a Risotto dish!

The second food thing I am excited about, is that for Christmas my husband got me (well, “us” really-we’ll all benefit) a Smoker!  I am SO excited about that!  Here she is!  I can’t wait to smoke meats, vegetables, even garlic, salt, tomatoes….etc. etc.!!!  Its gonna be a fun trip, I hope you’ll join me!

It’s going to be a busy year, filled with lots of amazing food, friends & good times!  I hope you all enjoy a safe & wonderful New Years this weekend!

With love & warm dishes,


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