Bring on 2013…

Well, ready or not, it’s almost here…2013!

I have to say, that the past four months or so have been a bumpy ride for me!  With leaving one job (that provided the stability & consistency of a regular paycheck), diving full time into another, the insane level of business brought on by the holidays and all of the events that happened (and didn’t) in our world this last month of the year.  I am happy that we all woke up on the morning of December 22nd, healthy & alive!  But looking back, it was a crazy few weeks, wasn’t it?  My plans for New Years Eve are simple; cozy up in front of the fireplace, with my three favorite people (and two furry babies) eat a bunch of fondue cheese, drink some bubbly & watch a great movie.

Looking forward into the New Year is exciting to me!  A fresh new calendar, new ideas, new routines & a new outlook on life.  I recently started looking at Astrology again; something I enjoyed when I was much younger.  I’m not sure yet, if I believe most of it, but I like to read about it and at least be open to the possibilities.  I’ve always prided myself in being open-minded, taking in all sides, causes, effects etc, before basing my own opinions on that information.  My horoscope predictions for 2013 are interesting in that they all point to what I already knew, that my focus this coming year will be on my career.  It also noted that the year “will be dominated by making strong connections with others in an area your life may have been lagging.”  Ha!  I love that part…you have no idea how many people- new friends & old friends alike, that are on my list to get together with, in this New Year!  You know who you are, get ready, I’ll be calling on you soon!  🙂

It also noted, “because of that (connections), I won’t be struggling uphill all the time. The people who need to assist me, will be there, every step of the way. As a result, I may feel a bit “luckier” this year than in previous years – but it warned me, not to be fooled; everything I will achieve, will have been put in place, primarily through my own efforts.”  So, in other words, I have my work cut out for me!

I am ready, bring it 2013!

The end of a year also brings me to thoughtful reflection.  Did I spend this past year, doing what fulfills me?  Did I make a difference in other peoples lives?  Was I the best wife, mother, friend etc. I could have been, to those I cherish?  It’s upon that reflection I begin to make my list of “resolutions” if you want to call it.  I like to think of it more as goals, something to strive for.  And they say, for these things, you need to write them down.  And it also helps to tell others, so that they can help hold you accountable and cheer you on!  So, you get to read my list!  Yea!  It’s a long one, but all truly achievable.  And I for one, can’t wait to get started!

You’ll see a section where I made goals for this blog; food is such a huge part of my life.  I love to eat, and we need to eat to live!  Why not make every bite you put in your mouth, the best it can be-both nutritionally & taste-wise.  The overall goal of this blog for 2013 is to show you how easy it is to do just that.  This past year, my blog had over 5000 views, which to some, may not seem like alot, but to me it’s huge!  Makes me think that even if I somehow, I contributed to just a fraction of those people, in eating better in 2012, I have succeeded!  If you have challenges with food, cooking etc. and you want my help, or just need inspiration, please ask!  I want to pay it forward when it comes to this blog & cooking.  I think everyone deserves good food & I hope in some small way, I can assist you with that!

I decided that instead of one big list, for the entire year, I plan to break it down into more “chewable” segments; goals for each month and/or quarter, and specific to the certain areas of my life.  I’ve shared it here as a whole list, but plan to divide them up over the year and put most of it into my planner.  What’s the old saying… “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!” I actually saw someone on Twitter or Facebook say they were doing weekly resolutions instead of yearly-great idea!  I love to check things off my list and with a yearly resolution, you can’t do that until next year!

So there, that’s my rationalization.  Are you making New Year’s Resolutions?  Can I help hold you accountable?  Let me know if so!  Here’s my list….let me know your thoughts!

2013 Resolutions Blog

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts!  I wish you and yours, a safe, warm & wonderful New Year!  May 2013 bring peace, love & fulfillment to each of us!

oxox, Shawn

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