Summer Favorites…


Hello lovelies!  I’ve missed you!  I have been busy with Real Estate and with the end of the school year, which for some reason, is always nuts.  Is it that way at your house?  It’s the last week of school here, and for one kid, it’s all play…the other kid, all tests!

Hammock time

After the Winter that we had, Spring finally arrived with brilliant blue skies & delicate blossoms everywhere!  Things heated up quick, making the need for Summer to arrive, stronger than ever!  I actually love having the kids home in the Summer.  I know alot of parents dread the break, but for me, I enjoy it, because I get to spend more time, especially time not rushed, with my kids.  Hanging out on the hammock, going to the beach & the park…hiking, biking, camping and just slowing things down.

Gets me thinking about all the things I love about Summer!

Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs and the Garden springing to life!

Summer Salads

Summer salads of all kinds…my favs…fresh Caprese…Roasted Beet salad with Goat Cheese, fresh Chives & a Balsamic syrup (Trader Joe’s-get yourself some quick!).

Cool Drinks 1

Mojitos & Margarita’s of many flavors…Sangria, Pisco Lemonade (with fresh Basil!), Sun Tea…and cold, crisp Wine on hot days!


Garden harvesting!

Grilled anything

Grilled anything! (yes, that’s Watermelon…try it!)


Zucchini everything!

Sweet Corn

And probably every Minnesotan’s favorite…SWEET CORN!

Cool Drinks 2

Oh and more cold drinks… 🙂

warm sun

What are some of your favorite Summer delights?

So here’s to hoping the week will go by fast, the Sun will stay out and you’ll get lots of your version of “hammock time” in soon! I am going to try and add more posts over the Summer to my “Summer of Salads” and “Summer Sippers” series, so stay tuned for that!  Until then, ❤ ~Shawn


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