Carpet Picnic…..

Carpet Picnic time!

Tonight was carpet picnic night.  Many years back, Mark & I started doing a dinner where the main “dish” was a wheel of gooey melted Brie cheese.  We would make other items to eat with, add a loaf of crunchy french bread and plop ourselves on the floor at our coffee table to watch a movie. Thus began the tradition of the “carpet picnic”.  Today, the items have evolved, but the process is the same.  When we mention to the kids we are having a carpet picnic, they are as excited as we are!

Tomatoes ready for roasting.....

So tonight’s menu held a wheel of President Brie, a smaller wheel of Trader Joes Goat Milk Brie cheese, a little wedge of creamy Fromager d’ Affinois Blue Cheese, slices of Espresso BellaVitano cheese, roasted red grape & yellow pear tomatoes from our garden, caramelized Vidalia onions, roasted garlic, thin slices of Columbus Salame Secchi (an amazing salami we get at TJ’s), sliced green apple & of course a big loaf of crunchy Trader Joes french baguette. And don’t forget the red wine……tonights choice, Zen of Zin, 2008 Old Vine Zinfandel.


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  1. Cassi says:

    We do this too! Cheeses, crackers, olives, It’s our favorite meal

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