Spring has FINALLY sprung!

Ask any Minnesotan about the Winter of 21′-22′ and they will all agree…it felt never-ending! But, as it always does, Spring has finally broke free and everything is bursting with color! I love living where we do…I can’t imagine a place that doesn’t have the change of seasons (extreme and all) like we do here in the Midwest. Although…I did just return from a trip (right before the weather got better here at home) to Florida, to visit some family and a quick escape to the beach and I do have to say, that kinda life, when it’s the dead of Winter back in Minnesota, wouldn’t suck! 😂

And with Spring, things like Rhubarb, fresh herbs and the like make their appearance in my garden. Last Summer I made a point to freeze lots of Strawberry sauce, so as soon as I saw my Rhubarb big enough to cut into, I made plans for both. My oldest asked me to buy muffins at the store, which I always have a hard time doing, so I new that I needed to make my own. I adapted a very easy recipe for Fresh Strawberry Bread that I used to make these muffins. I did cut back on the milk amount, because my strawberries were so wet, but next time I won’t do that…I will also add more chunky sugar to the tops! 😍

And I came across a recipe for a Rhubarb-Ginger-Cardamom syrup that was supposed to go over Ricotta cheese for a little appetizer dish, but anytime I see something like, I think of cocktails! 🤩 So I roasted some of the Rhubarb and made a wonderful simple syrup, which I drizzled into some gin and tonic water, added a sprig of Mint from my new herb garden. Yum! 💗

And going through the deep freezer over the weekend, trying to move some of the things we’ve had in there for awhile, we decided on a pork butt…and tacos…street tacos, made with homemade corn tortillas! We’ve had a tortilla press forever and maybe used it twice in the past, so I broke it out and gave it a whirl. They were really good, but I need practice on making the tortillas…so that’s actually a good thing! 🤩 (more tacos in my future!👏🏻)

And if all that wasn’t enough…I made my favorite pickled red onion recipe, for the tacos! 🤣 The tacos also had fresh lime, cilantro, green onions & guac, along with a sprinkling of cotija cheese.

And because we are gluttons, we had the pork again the next night, but this time we made “Chipotle” bowls, with cilantro-lime rice, black beans and added sour cream! 😍

I am so happy that things are greening up, my herb boxes & tomatoes are planted and the hummingbirds are back! ☀️ Hope you are soaking this all up!

❤️ Shawn

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